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The Roaring Lion newsletter began publication in early 1992. Since 2004 it is only available in electronic form and operates as more of a blog than newsletter. Through it we provide informative articles, publication excerpts, news commentary, and investigative materials. Articles are directed primarily to Christians. A specific passion of author Brent MacDonald, echoed throughout, is the need of reformation in the church today. We welcome letters and comments via email.

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Current Issue
2013 — Vol 2


Brent has a host of additional articles on:

How much do I care what you think?

Why all the R-Rated Movies from Hollywood?

Assurance of Salvation

Is the Church an Institution?

Where is the Church?

[New FeatureMP3 Audio Messages

Is Heaven Real?  Near death experiences (NDE's) and return visits to heaven and hell

The armor of God: Ephesians Chapter 6

What is truth? Is there no absolute truth?

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Articles from Past Postings and Issues (1992-2012):

Listed by topic.

Topic 1: Books and Media Articles.

A. What is God? -- The children's book reviewed.
B. Books, see: In the News -- Spring 1999, Summer '01
C. Historical Fiction Short: Mary's Story No Doubt

Topic 2: Cults, False Religions, and Roman Catholicism.

A. Mormons -- Are Mormons Christian?
B. Roman Catholicism -- Is Roman Catholicism Biblical?
C. Catholicism, see: In the News -- Fall '98, Winter '98, Spring '99
D. The Heart of Islam -- What is Islam really about?
E. Has the Roman Catholic Church changed?
F. Rick Warren's 2009 Inauguration Prayer -- Is Muslim Isa the Jesus of Scriptures?
G. Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Topic 3: Entertainment.

A. The Mouse Trap -- Article examining the Disney boycott.
B. Ellen Excitement -- Regarding the Ellen 'coming out' episode.
C. Entertainment Ratings -- On rating systems for games, T.V., etc.
D. Influence of T.V. -- Especially on children.
E. Pokémon Phenomenon -- Review
F. Misc., see: In the News -- Fall '99, Summer '01
G. Harry Potter -- Books and movie
H. Fame, Fortune, and Fiction: Only the Good Die Young

Topic 4: False Causes, Petitions, Etc.

A. Fictional Facts -- Madelyn Murray O'Hare. (How about the Truth #2)
B. Procter & Gamble -- Rumor Refuted. (How about the Truth #1)
C. Procter & Gamble #2 -- Stop the lies! (Twice updated version of B.)

Topic 5: General.

A. Peace on Earth -- A Christmas article for year round.
B. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth (C.H. Spurgeon for today)
C. Why did God create evil?
D. Why doesn't God wipe out evil? -- Is that what you really want?
E. What Reason to Live??? -- Suicide.
F. Responsibility -- Parents and children.
G. Aliens -- Is there life out there?
H. Why am I here right now? -- Finding purpose in God.
I. Thank you -- Thoughts on Ray Boltz' ballad "Thank You"
J. Life is Short... think about it! -- Photo to think on
K. Witnessing Bracelets -- Popular color presentations of the gospel
L. Parable of the Amazing Father -- a fresh look at a mislabeled parable
M. The Lord's Watchmen -- watch out!
N. The Eternity Question -- something on everyone's mind.

Topic 6: Christian Living.

A. Facing Trials -- How do we respond?
B. All I really have is Jesus. -- What's really important in life
C. The Name -- On Misusing God's name
D. Wars on... -- Are wars ever right? Are all wars wrong?
E. Body Piercing & Tattoos -- For a Christian?
F. Alcohol and Drugs -- Should Christians drink alcohol?
G. Stewardship -- Set free to give! (To tithe or not to tithe?)
H. The Transfiguration -- Our focus is on...?
I. You lookin' at me? -- To Judge or Not to Judge?
J. Freedom in Christ -- No law? (Living by the Law of Love)
K. The Simplicity of Worship -- Idols and additions?
L. Alive on the Inside -- It's not all about the externals!
M. A Law without punishment -- Living without fear
N. Think outside the box! -- How to do the impossible
O. Church Discipline: Right ot Wrong?
P. Talk is Cheap -- Can I believe what you say?
Q. Salt and Light: A biblical cure for compromise & contemptible confrontation
R. Why worship on Sunday? A Christian Sabbath?

Topic 7: Prophecy (Past, Future, True, False)

A. Prophecy Preoccupation -- Is focusing on the future good?
B. Selling fear -- The Y2K Syndrome: fearing the future.
C. Prophecy fulfilled in the birth of Jesus
D. Revelation: past, present and future
E. Judgment by the book ... or books?
F. Daniel's Prophecy

Topic 8: Reformation & Revival.

A. Wolves Among the Flock -- a look at the United Church of Canada
B. Of Pharisees and Fish-bait -- A call for real church reformation.
B2. Pharisees and Fish-bait Revisited -- More on this topic.
C. A Revival Tale -- A story of revival.
D. I wish you wouldn't look in my closet -- Materialism.
E. Overcoming -- Overcoming Sin.
F. Unity -- Unity in truth. Not unity at all cost.
G. Why Revival Tarries -- The problem and the solution.
H. Zealous for God -- Is all zealousness good?
I. Counterfeit Christians -- What is a Christian?
J. Worship the Lord and Serve Idols? -- Church traditions in the way?
K. Economic Segregation of the Church -- and missions.
L. Upscale Evangelism -- Reaching out to... ???
M. Upholding the authority of Scriptures -- Open letter to church [Expanded]
N. Christians are different...
P. Five Reformation Solas -- Time for the reformation to continue!

Topic 9: Survey Data & Analysis.

A. What's on Your Mind? -- What does the Bible say about...?
B. A Shipwrecked Faith -- Common beliefs.
C. Saved By Faith or Works? ... And the Survey Says
D. Who is Jesus? ... Who do you say that I am?

Topic 10: Past Editions of In The News

A. Winter 1997
B. Spring 1998
C. Fall 1998
D. Winter 1998
E. Spring 1999
F. Fall 1999
G. Winter 2000
H. Summer 2001
I. Winter 2001

Topic 11: Bible/Doctrine Questions (See also QnA)

A. Hell -- Big Questions
B. Forgiven -- Really Forgiven?!
C. The Crucifixion -- Events surrounding Jesus' Death
D. Men on a Mission -- An eight part devotion series
E. Idols versus God -- And the winner is...!
F. Mistaken Identities and Slanderous Statements -- Who anointed Jesus?
G. The Law Fulfilled in Christ
H. Does God guarantee healing to every believer?

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