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What is Multimedia?

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Lion Tracks multimedia services are available in a number of formats.

'Seminars' are presentations using multiple sessions. For example; Not Just Another Book and Evidently God are both normally a three or four night seminar.

'Events' are usually one part presentations of about 1½ hours in length. With our fast paced presentation style most are surprised at how quickly the time goes.

'VBS' or Vacation Bible Schools are usually half-day or evening series encompassing one week.

'Camps' are series spanning a week, normally arranged around one primary teaching session per day. Optional formats are available for shorter retreats.

How to prepare for
a Multimedia Presentation


Not Just Another Book! - How we got and why we trust the Bible.
Camps - Ask about our special series for camp ministry.
VBS - Ask about our special series for vacation Bible schools.

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