Brent & Angie MacDonald and family

December 2010

Brent and Angie with Scott & Michal and family at Scott's Ordination 2017

Brent giving the charge at Scott's Ordination February 2017

Scott, Emily, Barry, Angie, Brent -- December 2010


More about the ministry of Lion Tracks

Growing up in a Christian home, Brent had the privilege of being in church "whenever the doors were open". Through the prompting of a Christian Service Brigade leader, he made a profession of faith and was baptized at age eight. After a few years of rebellion during his teen years, Brent recommitted himself to Jesus Christ, and has steadily grown in his Christian walk in the years since. Married in 1983 to Angie Reed, a Christian, they were blessed with two boys; Scott (1986) and Barry (1988). Both sons have since placed their faith and trust in Christ as well.

For an eleven year period Brent was involved in the microcomputer industry, including government teacher trainer, college instructor & coordinator, programmer, division manager, and major share holder of diverse businesses in two cities including sporting goods, gifts & electronics, microcomputer systems design and manufacturing. After a long personal struggle, Brent responded to God's calling of full-time ministry and divested himself of all business ties during the period of 1988 to 1991.

Brent's Christian service has been diverse. He has been actively involved in Christian research for numerous years and is an avid writer. Brent and Angie were in a position of church youth group leadership (senior high) for a number of years, as well, Brent taught Sunday school (college age and adults) and served as a deacon in his home church. During 1991, God enabled Brent and Angie to have a part in developing Lion Tracks Ministries together with other concerned individuals. Brent and Angie have been full-time missionaries with Lion Tracks Ministries since 1992. Brent was ordained to the gospel ministry in September of 2002, giving formal church recognition to God's calling in ministry.

Brent and Angie "home schooled" their children enabling them to travel and minister year round. Scott graduated from high school in 2004 and the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies in 2005. After a year-long internship at Cottage Cove, he continued his studies at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, graduating with high honors in 2010.  He subsequently completed his Masters in Theology from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 2012.  Scott married Michal in 2013, who he meet in South Africa as she was there in missions from the US.  They has a son in 2014, Malachi, Brent & Angie's first grandson. Barry graduated from high school in 2006 and is serving in the US Army Reserve and he worked at Cottage Cove until 2014.  He married Emily Karas in February 2010.  Emily subsequently served at Cottage Cove for a time until becoming a mother of Brent & Angie's first grandchild, Belle! 

Along with speaking engagements, Brent and Angie work in the development of video based (computer generated) multimedia materials. Brent is an avid writer authoring numerous articles and publications each year. For a 2 1/2 year period (1999-2002) Brent additionally took on the task of Executive Director of a camp in northen Maine (USA).

As of July 2002, Brent has taken on the additional position of Executive Director of Cottage Cove, an inner city mission in Nashville, TN. Brent and Angie have ministered at Cottage Cove as far back as 1996. As an outreach to inner-city children, with its associated teaching and discipleship ministry for teens and adults (Discipleship Training Institute), it is a logical extension of the ministry Brent and Angie had been involved with during the previous decade.

Brent and Angie started a church fellowship at Cottage Cove in June of 2005 (Grace Church at Vinehill), providing ministry to the families of Cottage Cove children as well as others in the community. In 2009 Brent also began to pastor at Grace Church at Hermitage.  For a time Brent taught in the mornings at Hermitage and evenings at Vine Hill.  The semi-transient nature of the Vine Hill neighborhood saw that location lose almost all of its participants, due to moves out of the neighborhood, over a few month period. Rather than restart, Brent & Angie chose to focus on Hermitage, and God subsequently provided an outside church plant for the Cottage Cove location.   Brent continues to be a teaching elder at Grace Church at Hermitage to the present.

While based in Nashville, Brent continues to be available for on-site seminars throughout the US and Canada.  Brent & Angie are also involved in onsite research in the Bible Lands, with a focus on apologetics specifically in the areas of establishing the historicity of Biblical events and reliability of the Biblical texts.  They additionally host periodic group trips to the Bible Lands with a unique emphasis on these things.

Brent and Angie became US citizens in May of 2011, becoming dual citizens with Canada and the US, further enabling open ministry throughout both nations.

In 2014, the Board of Directors of Lion Tracks Ministries unanimously voted to cease operation at year end, transfering all functions, trademarks, and ministry resources to Cottage Cove Urban Ministries, consolodating these aspects under Cottage Cove's Discipleship Training Institute.  The Board of Directors of Cottage Cove Urban Ministries unanimously accepted these responsibilities, seeing it as a benficial extension of the ministry currently underway and a means of conserving time and resources.

Brent and Angie's contact information in Tennessee is...

630 Benton Ave.
Nashville, TN
USA 37204

Phone: (615) 292-2303


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Reality Chess

September 2008

Family December 2007 (the not so serious shot)
Brent, Angie, Barry, Scott

Family December 2007
Brent, Angie, Barry, Scott


Family 2006

Rear: (Brent's brother) Mark & Tammy, Barry, Scott, Brent & Angie
Front: (Brent's nephews) Josh & Isaac, (Brent's Dad) Don & Jeanne


November 2002